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 It's a Dad's Worst Nightmare...

Body Transformation Is HARD... But It Doesn't Have To Be

When you’re trying to achieve a jaw dropping transformation, it’s no secret that it’s essential you choose the proper nutrition protocol, training method, and supplementation system for your body… so that you’re able to shed fat - even from your “trouble areas” - while also sculpting the magazine cover build you truly desire.

The wrong plan and approach for transforming your body, can not only prevent you from getting the lean, strong, and athletic look that infuses your life with self-confidence, it can actually slow your metabolism down making it nearly impossible to sustain any progress toward your goals.

You may have even experienced this in your own life… and no matter how hard you work at getting lean and strong, it seems as if your body is programmed to be soft and weak.

In fact, a study from 2018 that followed 29 long-term weight loss studies showed that people who followed popular mainstream diets like keto, paleo, and macro counting regained 50% of the weight within 2 years… and regained more than 80% after 5 years!

As a busy father and businessman, you simply don’t have the time to waste weeks and months on a method that will lead you right back where you started, or maybe even worse.

Just imagine for a minute…

A stressed, overweight, and out of shape businessman makes the decision to lose weight, get stronger, and improve his fitness so he can have the energy to keep up with his kids and a body that drives the love of his life wild. He chooses to follow one of the typical workout and diet plans outlined in a men’s magazine or recommended by some trainer in the gym.

He follows the plan to the “T” and, after several weeks of hard work he looks thin, emaciated, and now has a body that can only be described as “skinny fat” … there’s no definition in his arms, shoulders, or chest… no abs, and his legs look weak and frail.

And then, when he goes back to eating carbs or stops counting his macros, the weight begins to pile back on. The man boobs begin to reappear, his love handles return, and he’s back to having the same “Dad Bod” embarrassment that triggered him to finally make a change in the first place.

Unfortunately, this happens more often than you would believe… especially for men who are trying to transform their body for the first time. They choose the wrong approach and end up with the belief that the stigma of having a “Dad Bod” is something they’re stuck living with.

And so they end up telling themselves, “F*ck it… this is the way it is.”

The fact is this: You probably already know a handful of other men who have tried popular mainstream solutions like keto, paleo, CrossFit, OTF, bootcamp workouts, cardio, or IIFYM… and their bodies somehow seem to remain the same - soft, pudgy, stocky, and overweight.

They claim to feel “better than ever” but it’s blatantly obvious that not much has changed when they put on a suit, or rip their shirt off at the beach.

This is a worst case scenario that every man dreads when they invest their valuable time, money, and energy into getting into great shape.

Fortunately, there’s a new, scientifically-based body transformation method you can use to get super lean while building muscle at the same time… and it doesn’t require quick fix fads like cleanses, detoxes, diet pills, cutting out carbs, or spending countless hours in the gym.

The process I’m referring to is something called the M.A.P.S. Method (more on this in just a minute), and it allows you to achieve a lean, strong, and athletic build that not only instills a powerful sense of self-confidence and pride, but a physique that you’re able to maintain long-term… even while enjoying the foods you love.

 You've Been Lied To... A LOT!

🤥 Myth/Lie # 1: You Need To Cut Out Carbs or Do Keto To Shed Fat...

 Here's Why It Doesn't Work...

Cutting out carbs and doing a keto diet may seem like a great idea at first, but for 99% of busy dads it's a recipe for disaster.  While many keto "gurus" would like you to believe that the reason you lose weight on keto is because you remove or severely limit carbs, the reality is that most initial weight loss is simply... water loss.

Any weight lost after the first 1-2 weeks is a result of being in a calorie deficit, because you've removed carbs from your diet.  What's worse is that - because eliminating carbs is so incredibly unsustainable - more than 80% of the weight lost comes back!...

... leaving you right back where you started, minus the time and suffering you endured to shed those pounds in the first place.

🤥 Myth/Lie # 2: You Need To Crash Diet or Do Fasting To Shed Fat...

 Here's Why It Doesn't Work...

Another popular diet hack is crash dieting and/or extended fasting for 1-3 days at a time.  The big claim is that as long as you severely restrict your calories, you'll lose weight.  Seems logical, right?

Except it isn't.

The human body is responsive and incredibly efficient when it comes to energy expenditure.  When energy intake is severely restricted, metabolism slows down to conserve energy, making it incredibly difficult to burn excess fat.

So while it IS important that you establish and maintain a consistent calorie deficit to shed fat, severe restriction will inhibit optimal fat burning, deprive you of energy, and lead to diet burnout.  And just like low carb/keto... more than 80% of the weight lost comes back!

🤥 Myth / Lie # 3: You Need To Spend Countless Hours In the Gym To Get Results...

 Here's Why It Doesn't Work...

What's the #1 thing people do when they set a goal of losing weight?... they hit the gym and start doing countless hours of cardio.

Day after day, trying to burn more and more calories in the hopes that the pounds will begin dropping... but they don't.

Maybe you've experienced this before... exhaustion and frustration quickly set in, and soon after you throw in the towel and quit, because the effort just isn't worth the reward.

So why doesn't working out more (and trying to burn more calories) work for transforming your body?

The answer is similar to crash dieting.  The body is responsive and efficient.  When energy expenditure goes up, metabolism adapts by slowing down to hold onto energy (fat) stores.

While it's important that you DO workout, it's more important that you perform the right kind of workouts, for the right amount of time, at the right intensity, and in the right frequency each week.


A Science-Based, Real World System For Building a Lean, Strong, and Athletic Body... Without Cutting Out Carbs, Crash Dieting, or Spending Countless Hours In the Gym

(M)eta-Functional Transformation Training

The LAST thing a busy, career-driven dad has time for is countless hours of energy-draining workouts at the gym every week.

Meta-Functional Transformation Training is a proprietary system of strategically-designed workouts that combine the fat burning effects of Metabolic Resistance Training with the strength gaining benefits of Functional Strength Training.

Instead of spending countless hours in the gym, you'll workout just 3-4 times/week for about 45 minutes all while consistently building muscle and gaining strength week after week!

(A)bsolute Habit Accountability Routine

Focus on executing 5 simple habits on a daily basis, along with 2 additional habits on a weekly basis. Within just a few short weeks clients report feeling focused, sharp, confident, and tenacious.

The best part is, these simple daily habits have a compounding effect, meaning that the longer you execute them, the greater your results become.

The benefit for you is that your results become almost predictable, giving you the confidence and motivation to continue achieving new levels of elite personal fitness.

(P)rogressive Nutrition Protocol

Diets don't work!  They're too restrictive, unsustainable, they aren't family-friendly, and they lead to short-lived results.

The Progressive Nutrition Protocol is a systematic and progressive approach to eating that transitions from following a customized meal plan designed by a Precision Nutrition certified coach...

... to a simple nutrition framework that allows you to eat the foods you love, while effortlessly hitting personalized macronutrient and calorie targets that are GUARANTEED to produce a lean, strong, and athletic physique.

The outcome for you is a sustainable, family-friendly way of eating that allows you to remain lean, strong, and fit year round... and for the rest of your life!

(S)uperDad Supplementation System

Even with the best nutrition plan in place, many men in their 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s still face challenges building new muscle due to low testosterone levels, inadequate protein, and a lack of quality sleep.

The SuperDad Supplementation System is designed to accelerate your workout and nutrition plan results by...

... elevating your testosterone levels with all natural ingredients, plugging holes in your nutrition with high-quality protein, essential amino acids, and prostate health-enhancing vitamins...

... and facilitating a deep level of sleep so that your body can recover and release the growth hormone that plays a big role in your ability to shed fat and build muscle.

... And Because The M.A.P.S. Method Is So Incredibly Effective, It's the Backbone of My 90-Day SuperDad Body Challenge...

 Here's How It Works...

1) Sign Up

Tap the big yellow button on this page to secure your spot in my 28-Day SuperDad Body Challenge.  In less than 5 minutes you'll be on a proven path to achieving the body you've always dreamed of having.

2) Download Our App

Within minutes of signing up, you'll receive an email inviting you to download our private app.  Easy access to your entire program and your coach are just a tap away!

3) Join the Facebook Group

In a separate email sent minutes after signing up, you'll be invited to join the private SuperDad Body Challenge Facebook Group where you'll be able to connect with other motivated dads!

4) Attend the Onboarding Call

We'll talk about the goals you're looking to achieve, the things you struggle with most, and the most effective tips and strategies for experiencing body transformation success.

5) Follow Your Program

Armed with a detailed, step-by-step roadmap for body transformation success... it's time to implement the workouts, meal plans, supplementation system, and accountability routine.

6) Get Amazing Results

Week after week you'll see the small body changes begin to pile up as you build a lean, strong, and athletic build that infuses your life with energy, confidence, and purpose!


 Real Men, Real Results!

Guy Lost 25 Pounds In 6 Weeks & Got His Abs Back!

Chuck Has Dropped More Than 100 Pounds and Kept It Off!

Justin Dropped 30.1 Pounds In Hist First 8 Weeks!

Bill Lost More Than 24 Pounds In Just 8 Weeks!

James Transformed From Soft & Pudgy To a Lean, Strong Body!

Jeff Dropped 27 Pounds In His First 6 Weeks!

Matt Carved Out Defined Abs!

Eric Shed More Than 25 Pounds of Fat In Just 6 Weeks!

Kevin Lost Over 32 Pounds... In His First 6 Weeks!

Down Over 35 Pounds!

13 Pounds In 8 Weeks... and Still Going!

Down Almost 40 Pounds!

Corey Down 28.6 Pounds In His First 6 Weeks!

Mark Lost Over 30 Pounds When Nothing Else Worked!

Kevin Dropped 32 Pounds In Just His First 6 Weeks!

Mike Shed 25.4 Pounds and 6.6% Body Fat In 42 Days!

Brent Burned Off Almost 24 Pounds In 6 Weeks!

Brian Dropped 20 Pounds and 10% Body Fat!



 What's Included In the Challenge?

Here's Why This Is Unlike Any Other Fitness Program, Diet, or Workout Plan...

   Onboarding Call With Corey ($149 VALUE)

We'll kick things off with an onboarding call with me personally, where we'll dive deep into the exact steps you'll take in order to get off to s successful start.  We'll talk about the goals you're looking to achieve, the things you struggle with most, and the most effective tips and strategies for experiencing body transformation success.

   Step-By-Step 90-Day Body Transformation Roadmap ($99 VALUE)

All SuperDad Body Challengers receive a detailed, step-by-step roadmap within 24 hours of signing up.  You'll have it emailed right to your inbox, so you have a clear plan that gives you the clarity on exactly what to do each week on your journey to a lean, strong, and athletic SuperDad Body!

   90-Day Progressive Nutrition Protocol ($499 VALUE)

You'll get a customized nutrition plan created by a Precision Nutrition certified coach who specializes in body transformation, so you have a proven framework that's easy to follow and guaranteed to help you get lean and strong.  The Progressive Nutrition Protocol was strategically designed to shed fat fast without having to starve yourself or cut out entire foods groups.  The family-friendly meals, on-the-go options, and done-for-you meals make it an easy-to-follow framework that's 100% sustainable so that you never have to worry about "falling" off with your nutrition again.

   90-Day Meta-Functional Transformation Training Plan ($299 VALUE)

While your personalized nutrition plan helps you shed fat week after week, the Meta-Functional Transformation Training workouts will be the tool that helps you sculpts a strong and athletic body.  Your 90-day workout plan includes new weekly workouts that have been scientifically designed to build new muscle and improve strength so that you build a physique your peers will envy.

   Absolute Habit Accountability Routine ($49 VALUE)

Habits are the gateway to sustainable results.  When you implement the Absolute Habit Accountability Routine, you'll begin to experience results that become nearly predictable as you shed fat, improve sleep quality, have more energy, and take control of your health.

   Superhuman Supplementation Guide ($29 VALUE)

Elevate testosterone levels, plug holes in your nutrition, and achieve deeper sleep so that you can supercharge your results.  I'll give you a detailed list of high-quality supplements that will give you an unfair advantage in your pursuit of a lean, strong, and athletic build.  You'll have endless energy, increase your libido, and experience a deep level of sleep that enables your body to recover, repair, and grow new muscle.

   Private Customized App For Apple & Android ($49 VALUE)

Within minutes of signing up, you'll receive an email to download my private custom app where you'll be able to access & track your workouts, your nutrition, and your habits... and stay in contact with your coach!

   Private Facebook Support Group For Dads (PRICELESS!)

Staying connected with others on the same journey will allow you to be more consistent every day so that you can make progress week after week to becoming the leanest, strongest, most athletic version of yourself!

Plus You'll Get These BONUSES When You Enroll Today:

   BONUS: 15-Minute Meals Guide ($39 VALUE)

Too busy to prep & cook or just don't have the desire to make your own meals?  I've simplified the process of eating healthy for you with a list of quick, easy, and affordable meal options so that you can avoid the two biggest barrier to fat loss nutrition - lack of time and lack of motivation.

   BONUS: High Protein Recipe Guide ($39 VALUE)

It's no secret that a diet high in protein is a key element of shedding fat and building new lean muscle.  With 52 delicious recipes that are family-friendly AND easy to make, you'll never struggle with finding meals that will help you reach your goals, while also tasting great!

   BONUS: Fat Shredding 20-Minute Metabolic Workouts Guide ($29 VALUE)

Want to take your results to the next level and accelerate fat loss?  In addition to new weekly Meta-Functional Transformation Training workouts, you'll also receive 12 of my best fat shredding workouts that you can plug into your routine.  In about 20 minutes each week you'll boost your metabolism to burn up to 600 extra calories!

   OPTIONAL: 6-Pack Smoothie Guide ($29 VALUE)

Too busy to prep & cook or just don't have the desire to make your own meals?  I've simplified the process of eating healthy for you with a list of quick, easy, and affordable meal options so that you can avoid the two biggest barrier to fat loss nutrition - lack of time and lack of motivation.

Want 1:1 Help With a Dedicated Coach with More Than 15 Years Experience Helping 10,000+ People Transform Their Bodies?

   OPTIONAL: 1-to-1 Coaching with Corey ($3,499 VALUE)

I am taking on a small group of 12 men (max) where I'll work with you personally to make sure that you achieve a lean, strong, and athletic body.  I'll guide you step-by-step over the course of your 90-day challenge so that you have a guaranteed path to achieving your goals.  Each week we'll hop on a call to answer questions and help you work through any challenges live.  You'll also receive an action plan emailed to your inbox within 24 hours of the weekly calls so that you know the exact actions to implement over the next 7 days.  You'll get undivided attention so that you have 100% clarity on what to improve upon each week to consistently make progress toward your SuperDad Body.  While this is 100% worth the full $3,499... I will be drastically slashing that price for a limited time because of the challenges dads are facing due to the pandemic.


   Customized 90-Day Nutrition Plan

   90-Day Transformation Workout Plan

   Absolute Habit Accountability Routine

   SuperDad Supplementation Guide

   Private Customized App For Apple & Android

   Private Facebook Support Group For Dads

   BONUS: 15-Minute Meals Guide (40 Healthy Recipes)

   BONUS: High Protein Recipe Guide (52 High-Protein Recipes)

   BONUS: Fat Shredding 20-Minute Metabolic Workouts Guide

>> PLUS: 100% Money Back "I Love My Results" Guarantee <<



 Their Words, Not Mine

- Stephen K. of Albany, NY

"My fiancé and I wanted to give ourselves a jumpstart to make sure we looked good for our wedding. I have to say, it has worked. I was in relatively good shape before the challenge but did not exercise regularly. By following the meal plan (which is the hardest part) and working out 3-4X per week, I was able to see results pretty quickly.

- Rick R. of Albany, NY

"Plain and simple! I needed to get my health, fitness and energy back.  They keep you inspired but most of all reassure you along the way.  Essentially if you listen you will get the results you desire... I DID!!!  I highly recommend it!

- Brian H. of Albany, NY

"If you want to take hold of your health and transform your body and eating habits... Corey does an outstanding job of creating varied and challenging workouts, laying out a meal plan that will help you reach your goals, push you to your limits, and encourage you along the way!

- Jason D. of Ballston Spa, NY

"... they keep the motivation level high, they are there to answer questions on not only what you’re doing at that moment, but also about nutrition. Focus always placed around helping you achieve your personal best and pushing you to progress forward!"


And, I’m so confident that my 90-day SuperDad Body Challenge will get you into the best shape of your life, in as little as 90 days… that’ll I’ll even let you try out the whole thing risk-free.

That’s right... just follow the entire program for a full 90 days to build a lean, strong, and athletic body. If it doesn’t get you into incredible shape, and you’re not 100% happy with your results - it won’t cost you a dime.

Just send me an email letting me know that you followed the program for 90 days and you're unhappy with your results... and I'll refund every penny!

Fair enough?


Most people don't know this, but when I went away to college I packed on more than 50 pounds... in less than 4 months! After tipping the scales at nearly 250 pounds, it became my mission to not only lose the weight and live a better (healthier) life... but also help others overcome their struggles and do the same!

I know what it's like to feel self-conscious, ashamed, frustrated, and overwhelmed. I was picked on endlessly because of the way my clothes fit and how overweight I was. I was completely depressed and thought I'd never be able to lose the weight.

It was in my late 20's when I hit a low point in my life, that I decided it was time for a change... a PERMANENT change.

After years of trial and error (and tens of thousands in education) I was finally able to lose all of the weight and I've kept it off for good. 

Since then, I've also helped more than 10,000 men and women do the same.

Now it's your turn to experience the same results so many others before you have!

 Frequently Asked Questions

   Is this a diet like keto, paleo, or intermittent fasting?

First and foremost, this is NOT a diet.  Diets don't work, and diets aren't meant to produce sustainable results.  The Progressive Nutrition Protocol is designed to take you from following a structured meal plan where YOU get to choose from a list of foods/recipes that YOU will enjoy eating, to then hitting personalized daily macronutrient targets/ranges while still choosing to eat the foods/recipes YOU enjoy.  The Progressive Nutrition Protocol has been carefully designed to produce results in a sustainable way so that you never have to worry about "falling off" the wagon... but more importantly, so that you never have to go on a "diet" ever again.

   What do I need for the workouts?  Can I do them at home?

For the workouts you will need access to dumbbells, kettlebell(s), bands, barbells (optional), and medicine balls (optional).  All workouts can be performed at a gym, or in the comfort of your own home.  As you'll see in the videos, I perform ALL of the exercises (and my own workouts) from the comfort of my home gym in my basement.

   How will I get access to my program?

Within minutes of signing up, you'll receive an email that will give you access to the private app, your nutrition program, your workout program, and everything that comes with your SuperDad Body Challenge.  If - for some reason - you don't receive the email, first check your spam/junk folders.  If you cannot find the "Welcome & Getting Started" emails there, contact us at info@coreyhousefitness.com and we'll get you squared away ASAP!

   Is there support and guidance if I have questions?

As a SuperDad Body Challenger, you'll receive consistent communication from your coach via the private app.  If needed, you'll have the ability to get all your questions answered during weekly Q & A sessions inside of the private Facebook community.  If you feel like you need 1:1 support, guidance, and coaching, there is the option to sign up for 1:1 coaching with Corey (if spots are still available)

   Are the workouts similar to CrossFit or boot camp workouts?

The workouts are NOT CrossFit, boot camp, or HIIT workouts.  The unique way in which the workouts are designed places a focus on building lean muscle through scientifically-proven hypertrophy and strength building methods that focus on undulating periodization, time under tension, volume, frequency, and compound movements.  All exercises and rest periods are timed to achieve optimal time under tension and recovery.  All workouts can be performed in as little as 35 - 45 minutes.

   Do I have to take nutrition supplements?

The SuperDad Supplementation System is designed to help plug holes in your nutrition that exist after following a diet rich in high-quality foods.  As men age, losing weight and building lean muscle becomes exceeding more difficult.  The supplements recommended as part of the SuperDad Supplementation System are formulated to reverse these challenges and give you a "leg up" in building a lean, strong, and athletic body.  While the supplements are not required, they are strongly recommended and 100% safe.

   I have more questions, how can I get them answered?

Completely understand that you may have more questions, no problem!  Just send an email to info@coreyhousefitness.com with all of your questions, and I'll respond within 24 hours.



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